Program Director - Social Determinants of Health

Remote - East Lansing, MI

The Program Director for Social Determinants of Health is responsible for business development, delivery and  organization strategy related to SDoH at a local, state, and federal level with the goal of utilizing MiHIN use cases, solutions, and services to promote interoperability and standards.   This position will be focused on  designing  and developing new business opportunities for MiHIN including new and existing customer markets and offerings. The  Program Director serves as an external stakeholder primary point of contact and ensures key internal and external contributors are engaged in solution development activities like workshops and small or large group dialogues. Common industry challenges along with unique external organizational dynamics require the Program Director  to apply a myriad of interpersonal techniques to advance statewide data sharing opportunities.  The Program Director  will direct and set priorities to meet customer expectations for design, development and implementation supported by documentation.  

What will you do: 

  • Apply complete understanding of SDoH stakeholder engagement industry practices to advance opportunities through the MiHIN infrastructure.
  • Design solutions to a variety of program problems and create or refine cross-functional organizational processes
  • Work directly with Product Management team to ensure that deliverables, road map and  customer expectations are delivered
  • Lead company-wide coordination efforts to meet customer needs, including Product Management Team support to organize and maintain roadmaps driven by current and future deliverables funded by external sources
  • Arrange engagement objectives and activities in partnership with community engagement team
  • Create and maintain overall SDoH Program organization objectives and annual goals in accordance to MiHIN organizational strategy
  • Orchestrate and direct the overarching SDoH organization work efforts and roadmap related to legal, technical, and stakeholder responsibilities among  cross-functional teams
  • Represent the company as a SDoH prime contact on stakeholder engagement initiatives and interact with senior internal and external personnel on significant matters requiring coordination between organizations, federal, state, and local government (communities).
  • Become a recognized expert in SDoH and health information exchange and the broader clinical and social care model/business and industry drivers/trends.  Leverages expertise to help customers be more successful in achieving their goals and objectives through a partnership with MIHIN.  Promotes a consultative approach to customer relationships. 
  • Represent organization in existing and new local, state, and federal committees, workshops, workgroups, and steering committees. Create, manage, and facilitate any organization statewide stakeholder sessions and workshops related to SDoH and Health Equity.
  • Maintains a robust sales pipeline and updates company Salesforce CRM system regularly. 
  • Identifies potential strategic partners, alliances, and relationships to expand core solutions and services or bring new services and solutions lines to the organization.
  • Continually stays abreast of national, state, and local business environments and adjusts business development strategies to meet changing market conditions.
  • Monitors competitor and alternative solutions, sales, and marketing activities.
  • Ensure that strategy, data, and activities for SDoH/MiHIN produces, maintains, stores, or transmits remains secure through adherence to MiHIN's Security Policies and Procedures


What you bring: 

  • Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business, health care, social sciences, or related field
  • 6-9 years with a bachelor’s degree
  • 4-7 years with a master’s degree
  • 5+ years of healthcare experience working in areas addressing social determinants of health
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Resiliency 

What will make use say "wow": 

  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize external stakeholder engagement efforts based on company goals and delegate responsibilities to appropriate staff to meet stakeholder need
  • Existing knowledge and collaboration with the clinical, payer, and social care landscape.